• SereS is, in Latin and Greek, the name for the Chinese of the northwestern part of modern China, Xinjiang; or the people of the land where silk comes from; but also a word for silk that was used as a currency for barter trade, commerce, and diplomacy in China for several millennia.

    Serica, the land of the Seres peope was estimated to be located in what is China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region today. This was one of the starting points of the renowned Silk Route. Silk is a staple of livelihood and economic sustenance for the Chinese, and paved the way as a currency of trade outside of the Middle Kingdom.

    The life of a traveler on the Silk Route can, at times, be difficult. But the people inhabiting the Silk Route are renowned to be extremely hospitable to travelers, even till today. SereS Hotels & Resorts aims to infuse its properties and associate teams with that same culture of impeccable hospitality and warmth.

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